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We have always said that service is key when it comes to providing you the best vacation possible here in Kentucky. While we do provide a variety of different cabin rental services for the cabin itself in order to ensure cleanliness and satisfaction,  there are also a variety of different outdoor services that come into play with your cabin rentals. Over the past couple of years, we have been able to ensure our guests can potentially experience or look at which are either a walk away or a few minutes away by car. We feel that these services will ensure that your experience is not only about the stay in your cabin but about the overall Natural Bridge area as well.  

Cabin Rental Expectations

First off, in terms of cabin rental services within the interior of your cabin, each time an individual or family stays at the cabin it is fully cleaned but also restocked with any essentials that may be necessary. Cleaning is included in your rental charge so you are not really expected to clean the rental cabin before you actually leave. However, we do ask that you make sure all the trash is bagged up before you leave and if you can take it into our office bins.

We also ask that all of your dishes are washed or that the dishwasher has been run and emptied and that you have cleared the house of any of your personal possessions in order to prevent confusion. Rest assured, each and every single one of our cabins are fully furnished for the most part and the kitchen also tends to come stocked with cookware and dinnerware. Most of the beds have sheets, mattress pads, bedspreads, blankets, and pillows. Towels, soap, dish soap, and paper products are also in adequate supply for a two to three day stay with us.  

Depending on the cabin and whether or not you have a hot tub, grill, or fully equipped kitchen, or a different appliance, a repair may be necessary however the chances are very slim. However, if a repair is in fact necessary for a particular appliance or for one of the amenities, every effort will be made to make repairs as soon as possible to provide for your comfort.

Cabin Rental Services
Cabin Rental Services

Cabin Rentals Services & Benefits

We understand that you will most likely want to stay connected with friends, family, or work related stuff. Although most of Natural Bridge Cabin Company’s cabins don’t really have any telephones, there is a decent amount of cellular service present on the grounds which is beneficial if you have a smartphone and need to text, talk, or email. You can find more information regarding this by checking the individual cabin specifically to see if it has Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, if there is a storm or if there are any complications, there won’t really be any refunds for the failure of telephone or Wi-Fi.

At Natural Bridge Cabin Company, we provide one of a kind exclusive cabin rentals that you won’t really see anywhere else. We actually have a massage service on site due to our partnership with Healing Touch Massage. This will not only promote relaxation but will also promote tranquility throughout your stay is the massage service which can be provided in your cabin. There are a variety of different massages you can choose from such as Swedish/relaxation, therapeutic/deep tissue, pregnancy, couple massage, hot stone, thai yoga and even facials. 

Sights You Will Never Forget

Cabin rental services specifically in relation to the outdoors are also prevalent on Natural Bridges Cabin Company’s grounds. Although they may require a vehicle for access such as a car or bike, some of the food you will eat and some of the sights you experience will never be forgotten. Some of the most popular services that our guests tend to learn towards include the spa, dining services, and apparel services. 

If you are utilizing either your indoor or outdoor cabin space so that you can host some sort of social gathering, large feast, wedding, or some sort of church retreat, there are a variety of different providers nearby who can suit your needs.  To give you an idea, right around the corner there is a company known as My Tiny Wedding who has provided dining service in the past by catering many couples’ food at their weddings, but there is also a shabby chic county mall to get you any apparel if necessary. If you are having a reunion however, don’t forget to check out the Natural Bridge camping grounds where you and your friends can bond and reunite while near the campfire.

Cabin Rental Services
Cabin Rental Services

Truly Majestic Experience With Our Cabin Rentals

With most of these indoor services provided on the clock and outdoor service providers only a few minutes away from the cabins, selecting the Natural Bridge Cabin company would be the right choice. We can assure that with your cabin rental comes the ability to have the chance to experience these services during your stay with the Natural Bridge Cabin Company surpass what other cabin company’s around the area have to offer. Over the past couple of years, we have undergone many changes over the past couple of years if need be in order to ensure high quality and satisfaction. We have gradually opened up to additional services for our guests to enjoy so that they can explore the area and have a truly majestic experience in their cabin rental itself. 

If you have any further questions about the cabin rentals offered on our property or in town itself, feel free to call us at the following number 606-663-3700 or even email us at We look forward to speaking with you and hope you appreciate our cabin rental services!

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