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Kentucky Cabin Rentals

Are you planning on an extended vacation or looking for a getaway where your loved one or your family can go relax? Or are looking for a secluded area for your wedding, church gathering, even a family reunion? Fear not with our scenic Kentucky cabin rentals within the gorgeous Natural Bridge area. At the Natural Bridge Cabin Company, we have great Kentucky cabin rentals located in the Natural Bridge State Park / Red River Gorge and also near beautiful gems such as Spirit Lake, Cave Hollow which are all found near the Red River Gorge National Scenic Byway, near Mill Creek Lake, and Cliffview Resort. This rugged, scenic region of Kentucky has amazed hundreds across the United States with its outstanding cliffs, trails, and geological structure. 

Kentucky Cabin Rentals

Variety of Options With Our Kentucky Cabin Rentals

In regard to our Kentucky cabin rentals, we have a variety of different options, each having its own unique, individualized feel. Within our range of different cabins, there should be at least one cabin which will basically consist of everything that you truly desire throughout your outdoor experience. Whether you are looking for a kentucky cabin rental with a single bedroom for you and your significant other or multiple bedrooms for you and a bunch of your closest friends, we have them all available at your own convenience! We really want to make sure that since you are our guests, you are in a cabin that not only catches your eye but one that you and your loved one also feel satisfied with. This is why you can trust us when we say that each of these cabins have enough space so that you have the ability to invite more people but also gives you more space so that your teenagers, kids, or pets can play.

On that note, our Kentucky cabin rental booking process is short and simple so let us describe our different cabins at a glimpse so if you choose to select us as your cabin provider, you will be able to make the appropriate decision in no time which will, in turn, help you secure your spot! 

Features of Our Kentucky Cabin Rentals

Some of our most simplistic cabins that still have a majestic feel generally usually consist of one bedroom and one bathroom includes the Rustic Romance cabin, Echo Falls cabin, Woodland Mist cabin, Fireside cabin, Tranquility cabin, Lone pine cabin, Water pine cabin, Waterfront cabin, Water’s edge cabin, On the water cabin, The Jordan cabin, and the froggy top cabin. Although only one bedroom, many of these cabins consist of a fireplace on a potential deck, a wifi router so you can further your connectivity if need be during the day or at night, and a potential full kitchen so that you and your family could cook a nice breakfast or dinner and bring outside to enjoy your scenic view. 

On the other hand, we have medium-sized, luxurious cabins that consist of lots of indoor space as well as outdoor space for recreation. These cabins only consist of two bedrooms and one to two bathrooms and can either sleep between approximately four to six people. The cabins with these specifications include the simple shaker, wonderland, sycamore place, serenity point, southern farmhouse, the Cumberland, creekside, swiss family treehouse, shady pond, Franzman cabin, and boulder lodge. What’s great about these cabins, in particular, is that they provide you and your family with several potential amenities including a grill, a hot tub, wifi, and even cable so that you have so many ways to just sit back and relax. 

Finally, Our largest and most luxurious cabin rentals consist of the Sunset Ridge, Woodshed cabin, Lakeside Moments, Kentucky Sunshine, Himes Hideaway, Cat’s Lair, Annette’s Hideaway, Rocky Hills Lodge, and Meadow View. These cabins range from three to four bedrooms and two to three bathrooms with an occupancy between six to even eight people. Usually, a large jacuzzi, as well as a great view with a stunning hiking trail and porch, is also provided along with the cabin. Within the interior of these cabins themselves, there tends to be a wood or stone fireplace to keep you nice and toasty during the cold winters. 

Kentucky Cabin Rentals
Kentucky Cabin Rentals

Opportunities For Outdoor Enthusiasts

With our Kentucky cabin rentals, also comes the opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to truly shine. Outdoor enthusiasts and other individuals are able to come to the gorge year-round to enjoy dozens of intense hiking trails, camping within the campgrounds, canoeing on beautiful lakes, the ability to view different types of wildlife, and plenty of other recreation opportunities.

If this is in fact one of your first times undergoing the process of a Kentucky cabin rental or if you have simply just never utilized our cabins before, you should take the following factors into consideration before making your cabin rental decision:

  • Cabin location
  • Activities you are interested in that are relative to the cabin
  • Cleaning
  • Who to contact in an emergency
  • Occupancy required during the stay
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Provided services and amenities
  • Cell phone reception? Wi-Fi?

We can assure you that our Kentucky cabin rentals surpass another cabin company’s when it comes to both comfort, class, as well as safety. These cabins have undergone many changes over the past couple of years if need be in order to ensure high quality and satisfaction. We have also been a local and family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in providing great customer service for the past 20 years. This is why so many visitors trust our cabins. 

If you do in fact have any further questions in regard to the specifications of the cabins described above or if you have any more questions about property management itself, feel free to call us at the following number 606-663-3700 or even email us at Our office hours do not end when the check-in office is closed. We look forward to seeing you come on down and enjoying our Kentucky Cabin Rentals with both style and comfort!

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