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Picking One of the Perfect Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals In Kentucky

In our book camping is never a bad thing especially in one of our Red River Gorge cabin rentals. Whatever design that fits you for a night or two (or more if you can), we’re massive supporters!

In our world, most campers tend to camp either via a tent or RV. Each of those types of camping comes with its own set of advantages. We’re seeing growth in cabin rental popularity, however. Tent campers may not be ready to leave camping, but it’s a welcome change from the glaring summer sun or harsh winters. With Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals, RVers are able to enjoy camping with cabin after their RV has been laid off for the season.

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There are many reasons why you’ll enjoy camping in a cabin:

More Space

Tents tend to have limited space. Even if you upgrade to a large one, when it comes to roaming rooms, you’re still relatively limited.

RVs, though larger than tents, are also always relatively small. After a while, things can start feeling a bit claustrophobic.

One of the big benefits of living in a cabin is there’s much more room. More space means you can invite more people to camp with you and more room for play. Whether play for you means board games, cards, or a number of other indoor games, you and your family will enjoy the extra space.

Convenience During Longer Trips

Tent camping is usually only fun for a few days. Eventually, people tire of the lack of showering and the canned food diet. Not to mention not having much space to spread out in. Camping in a Red River Gorge Cabin Rental, however, allows for longer camping trips, thanks to the amenities our cabins offer. Plus, it’s certainly easier to make a Red River Gorge Cabin Rental feel like home than a tent.

Red River Gorge Cabin Rentals

Your tent campers are going to love our camping cabin rentals that range from 1 bedroom to 3. They provide quite a spacious upgrade from the tent life, and also come along with many other great benefits:

  • Showers
  • Electricity, including stoves and refrigerators
  • Full-size kitchens (select cabins)
  • Satellite television
  • Ability to sleep 4-8 people in one or two bedrooms
  • Full beds and bunks
  • Porch swings (select cabins)
  • Jacuzzis (select cabins)

Experience The Beautiful Scenery

The Natural Bridge Cabin Company has cabin rentals located in the Natural Bridge State Park / Red River Gorge area of Kentucky. We also have cabins located next to Spirit Lake, Cave Hollow, along the Red River Gorge National Scenic Byway, near Mill Creek Lake, and Cliffview Resort. With soaring cliffs and majestic stone arches, Red River Gorge is an awe-inspiring place to visit when you have a Red River Gorge Cabin Rental. This rugged region of geological wonders astounds visitors from all over the United States and known all over the world to rock climbers due to its many overhanging cliffs. The Red River Gorge is a unique, scenic naturally formed area that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Spectacular rock features, including sandstone arches and towering cliffs, are just part of the attraction. Outdoor enthusiasts come to the gorge year-round to enjoy hiking, camping, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and other recreation opportunities.

Where to get the best Kentucky food?

Delicious Kentucky-style Dishes

You can not say you’ve been in Kentucky for a holiday if you haven’t tried this state’s most popular dish, Fried Chicken. No one in this state does crispy and tender fried chicken, after all, it’s named Kentucky Fried Chicken for a reason. The Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg is better known for its chicken-fried, country ham from Kentucky and cheese biscuits and gravy.

You should also try the ‘Cold Brown,’ an open-face turkey sandwich with bacon and sauce from Mornay. If you’re more of a dessert person then you probably should try the Stack Cakes, a pastry made of thick pancakes stacked with baked fruit or jam between the pancakes.

Where are Kentucky’s Exclusive Attractions?

Kentucky National Parks

Kentucky is well known for its unique beauty and provides plenty of hiking and exploring opportunities. Just southeast of Lexington is the Daniel Boone National Forest. Check out the Natural Bridge while you’re there a naturally formed sandstone arch. This park includes its hills, steep woody slopes, and small gullies.

The National Historical Park of Cumberland Gap offers cascading waterfalls and dense forests, and spectacular panoramas. This national park gives you the chance to get closer and take a look at the Appalachians. As you walk through this park visit the Hensley Settlement to get a taste of how it could feel like an old community.

Which are Kentucky’s Best Parties and Festivals?

Kentucky Annual Festivals

Kentucky state is internationally renowned for the Kentucky Derby Festival, which would be much more than just a horse race. The festival lasts for a few weeks, including helium balloon and steamboat competitions, celebrity games, marathons, and fireworks, and their other activities and events.

The International Bar-B-Q Festival is an annual cuisine festival held every second weekend in May, in Owensboro. Visit this event to try different barbecued meats like burgoo, mutton, and chicken. Nevertheless, this festival is not only restricted to food but there are also live performances as well as square dancing.

Learn More About Us

Natural Bridge Cabin Company was founded in May 2001 by Mendel and Debbie Tipton with the purchase of 4 cabins at Slade, KY. Debbie’s family is from Slade and has many fond memories of the area when she was growing up. Mendel was already in the real estate business and thought the purchase was a good business decision. Their youngest children Alan and Jessica (twins) had just finished their first year of college and had come home for a relaxing rest… Mom and Dad had other plans and with their help, we had the cabins cleaned, furnished, and ready for guests by June. We began property managing for other cabin owners and continue to sell and rent cabins in the area. Our oldest daughter, Christina, and her husband Adam have built their dream getaway cabin and we manage it in our program through our rental guidelines.

What We Do For You

We consider you as guests in our homes and work to make your stay everything you want it to be. We live in a nature-filled wonderland and want you to return many times to view the beautiful scenery and scenic cabin rentals. Natural Bridge Cabin Company is a local and family-owned and operated business that takes great pride in providing great customer service. Our office hours do not end when the check-in office is closed. If you’re interested in a cabin rental, we are available for you to answer our phone until midnight 365 days a year @ 606-663-3700.

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