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Best Places To Eat While Staying At Our Red River Gorge Cabins

In our previous post, we mentioned fun and adventurous activities you can take part in while staying in our cabins. But what about visiting fine places to eat after partaking a long, vigorous hike? In this post, we want to show our patrons the best places to eat while staying at our beautiful cabins at Red River Gorge.

Sandstone Arches Restaurant

For a casual, quick bite, Sandstone Arches Restaurant has an amazing selection of Kentucky dishes that we believe everyone can enjoy. On the days where you may have a big appetite, Sandstone also has an “all you can eat” buffets where you can sample a bit of everything, which includes Kentucky and traditional American items.

Sky Bridge Station

If you’re a fan of craft beers, you should make a stop at the popular Sky Bridge Station located on the edge of the Daniel Boone National Forest. Here, you can enjoy Sky Bridge Station’s gourmet hot dogs and quesadillas as well as a rotating selection of 12 local Kentucky draft beers from Country Boy Brewing and West Sixth Brewing.

Miguel’s Pizza

Ever since the early 1980s, Miguel’s Pizza has been a popular spot among hikers and rock climbers. Miguel’s are known in Kentucky for their famous homemade sauce and handmade crust pizzas. All of their ingredients are ordered from the local farms. Also, Miguel’s can make a custom order to your liking of up to 45 very fresh and tasty topping choices. This is a pizza spot in Kentucky you do not want to miss out.

La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant

For those who are big fans of Mexican food, you should definitely head on over to La Cabaña Mexican Restaurant. They offer all of your favorite Mexican dishes from steak fajitas, to steak nachos, to chicken burritos with a side of rice and beans. Don’t forget to order their famous strawberry margaritas.

Red River Rockhouse

Red River Rockhouse, in our opinion, is the most popular food spot at the Red River Gorge, hands down. If you’re in the mood of delicious grass-fed burgers, humongous burritos, and a fan of gastropubs, we guarantee you will leave here completely satisfied.

Whenever you book your reservation to rent one of our finest Red River Gorge Cabins, be sure to stop at these places to eat near the Red River Gorge. For reservation availability, contact us today at 606-663-3700 or email us at

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