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Three Great Locations To Rent Your Red River Gorge Cabin

Every year, many people rent cabins for their vacation getaway, and one of the best areas to visit is at the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Whether you are a seasoned Kentucky visitor or just looking for a place to rent your Red River Gorge cabin, check out these three great locations for a guaranteed serene good time.

Spirit Lake

red river gorge cabin
Echo Falls in Spirit Lake

If you love to fish, you will love Spirit Lake!  Also, if you love your privacy and solitude, you can book your cabin where you are secluded in a heavily forested area with a great view overlooking the lake.

Scenic Heights

red river gorge cabin
Southern Farmhouse in Scenic Heights

If you’re looking for the most serene and peaceful place to lay your head down, Scenic Heights is your location to rent your Red River Gorge cabin. You will be exposed to gorgeous landscapes with plenty of room to scour the land and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Also, you will be very close to Natural Bridge State Park as well as Mill Creek Lake.

Cave Hollow

red river gorge cabin
Boulder Lodge in Cave Hollow

With many amenities such as cable TV, wifi, fire pit, jacuzzi and more in addition to being located in a very quiet area for peace and relaxation, Cave Hollow is hard to beat. If you’re a climbing and hiking buff, you will feel right at home.

When your ready to book your cabin at these gorgeous locations, head over to our Vacation Rentals Page and let us take care of your Red River Gorge cabin rental today!

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