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Scenic Cabins In Kentucky

Who wants a plain jane cabin? If you are going to pay for a cabin, at least get a view. A scenic cabin in Kentucky can be a great option for enjoying a vacation and getting a beautiful view. Imagine waking up to a stunning lake, cave, or cliff view. One of the most relaxing parts of a vacation is the constant reminder of where you are and how beautiful it is. Scenic cabins in Kentucky give you that feeling. We have spectacular rock features, sandstone arches, and towering cliffs. Outdoor enthusiasts come to the gorge year-round to enjoy other attractions. Hiking, camping, canoeing, wildlife viewing, and other recreation opportunities are just a few to mention.
Scenic Cabins can be great for many different occasions. To list a few: anniversary, Valentine’s day, wedding, vacation, and many more. We try to pick the best locations for our cabins and scenic views. Every state has different views, Kentucky being on top of one of my lists for the most gorgeous.

A Little About Our Start With Cabins

Natural Bridge Cabin Company was founded in May 2001 by Mendel and Debbie Tipton with the purchase of 4 cabins at Slade, KY. Debbie’s family is from Slade and has many fond memories of the area when she was growing up. Mendel was already in the real estate business and thought the purchase was a good business decision. Their youngest children Alan and Jessica (twins) had just finished their first year of college and had come home for a relaxing rest… Mom and Dad had other plans and with their help, we had the natural bridge cabins cleaned, furnished and ready for guests by June. We began property managing for other cabin owners and continue to sell and rent cabins in the area. Our oldest daughter, Christina and her husband Adam have built their dream getaway cabin and we manage it in our program through our rental guidelines.
We consider you as guests in our homes and work to make your stay everything you want it to be. We live in a nature-filled wonderland and want you to return many times to view the beautiful scenery and scenic cabin rentals.

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